Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ahwahnee Hotel

I worked here in a variety of jobs: room clerk, host in the dining room, and even a busboy at The Bracebridge Dinner* Some employees working at the hotel had meals as part of their salary. We ate in the "sidehall", a dining room off of the dining room kitchen. And Wow, what great meals being the same food the hotel guests received, although sometimes from the day before. But, sure enough, some employees complained . . .

*In 2000, my wife and I attended The Bracebridge Dinner as guests of the Honorary Squire, Robert Barbee, and enjoyed this Christmas pageant from the other side of the swinging doors leading to the kitchen.

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Swan Man said...

Some day we'll save up $800 or $1000 and go spend a couple of days there!