Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Firefall

During the summer months prior to 1962, each evening featured the "firefall" off of Glacier Point.

Late each afternoon, company employees from Glacier Point Hotel would build a fire of red fir bark at the edge of Glacier Point. Over the course of the evening, it was allowed to burn down to a pile of embers.

Directly below Glacier Point at Camp Curry, there was an evening live stage performance of various musicians and music groups. At 9:00 p.m., a designated caller would shout out, "Hello Glacier", and Glacier Point called back, "Hello, Camp Curry". The Curry person would then holler back, "Let the Fire Fall", and Glacier would respond, "The Fire Fall". The glowing embers would be pushed over the edge, and instead of a waterfall, there would be a "firefall". The firefall would only last a few minutes, but it was something to behold.

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Maria Abonnel said...

I didn't realize they were still doing firefalls as late as 1962.