Sunday, June 1, 2008

Glacier Point Hotel

I never worked at this hotel, and sadly it caught fire in the 1960's, and by the time the fire trucks arrived from Yosemite Valley, it had burned to the ground. The fellow who ran the Yosemite Ski School at Badger Pass in the winters, Nic Fiore, was the manager of this hotel in the summers (it was only open during summers).

My connection with this hotel revolved around the "Blue Moon Formal", an annual summer dance put on for the seasonal employees. As the student council president one summer, I was instrumental in having the dance held here that year rather than the traditional location of The Ahwahnee tennis courts. I don't even know if the "Blue Moon Formal" even exists anymore.

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Swan Man said...

Well, Half Dome still looks the same. It's funny to see that view with a big hotel in the foreground!