Thursday, April 16, 2009

Death Valley National Monument

Time to move on to my next park; this time Death Valley. I was only there for two years which was long enough! Not only is it incredibly hot in the summer with many days over 120 degrees, and then only dropping down to 100 degrees overnight, but you have to drive a couple of hundred miles east or west to do any serious grocery shopping, see a doctor, dentist, etc. I particularly remember coming back from a shopping trip to Las Vegas in the summer. It was 114 degrees in Vegas when we left on our way back to The Valley where the temperature was 122 degrees. At that moment, I realized you have to have a screw loose to work at this place!

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Swan Man said...

Yes, but it was a great place to be when you're 6 years old! It will always stand out as one of my favorite places to live!